LYE and Kida The Great team up to Inspire Memphis Youth

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JULY, 2017

Young Voices

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Greatness can be found all over this city. It makes me so happy to see young ones giving back to the community. Especially here in Memphis, Tennessee. A few day ago JustMy got an invite to attend a dancing event that was hosted by Ladia Yates (professional dancer).

Alongside highlighting her students at LYE Academy, Kida The Great came in town to show some love to the city. Despite having some bigtime booking offers, Kida decided he wanted to come from California to Memphis, Tennessee to see these young dancers. Helping them to stay inspired to chase their dreams to become professional dancers themselves.

Meet Ladia Yates

So let’s highlight the night. Ladia had this event set up nice. The venue was set up with a cool backdrop for photos. There were spaces for local vendors to come out and promote their businesses as well. My favorite was the 8 year old girl who owns her own lemonade business. This wasn’t just a regular lemonade stand we are used to seeing in the neighborhoods. No, she had an actual lemonade BUSINESS making fresh lemonade drinks for her clients along with other real fruit options. That was truly a great and inspiring thing to witness. From those at JustMy, we really want to wish her the best.

Alright, now, back to the rest of the event. The whole evening was mainly centered around a dance battle, which was AWESOME. Dancers came from all over to participate in this battle. There were local Memphis dancers and some from Alabama, and even Florida. So this was a big thing for these amazingly talented people. In between the breaks in the tournament, Ladia gave us the privilege to witness the positive impact she has had on the youth here in Memphis. We all got a chance to see what the young ones had to show us. The dance routines made everyone so proud. They truly are future stars straight out of Memphis.

Kida the Great

They truly are future stars straight out of Memphis

The Youth of LYE

We also got to see other dance teams perform who came in from out of town to add to the positive energy radiating from the building. Kida The Great even got on stage and danced with LYE. He also did a dance solo for everyone. While watching him dance you could really see the passion, confidence, and great energy that came from his every move. Which was the case with everyone else who performed. At the end of it all, trophies were handed out to reward the top two dancers in the competition. Then afterwards, they allotted some time for people to get pictures with Kida.

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Justin G. Flowers

Justin G. Flowers

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In all, that night was very nice! From everyone at JustMy, we want to thank Ladia Yates and LYE Academy for the invite! Who knows, maybe next time we will get on stage and show everyone how we get down here (jokes). Again, what a great night, and we look forward to attending more things these amazing people put together for the community.

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