Empress Empire

By Keyaira Horne

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Empress Empire

Keyaira, a Memphis, Tennessee, native and founder of Empress Empire. She has worked in business and sales since coming out of high school in 2012. She also spent some time serving in the military. Throughout the years of her service and skills she has acquired, she has learned how to work with a diverse background of people and magnify her skills as a sales person. Empress Empire was birthed out of her passion of always wanting to be an entrepreneur, but not having access to culturally tailored business plans, and mentors that could relate to her. During a few of her projects she recounts spending hours on top of days to complete tasks. She agrees that had she had the proper guidance she could have spent less time on those simple tasks and more time focusing on self-development as an entrepreneur.

She would not be where she is today without the help of her female mentors, coaches, business bestie, or aunts and grandmas who have contributed along the way. This is why it is so important for her to help other women and she says she always will! It’s a great feeling to be able to help other women just because it’s your purpose.

empress empire

To Inspire

We all hope to truly inspire others, and to help them put forth action to achieve their goals. We want to make sure that they continue to progress moving #onestepcloser to their dreams and they will … as long as they are willing to invest in themselves, toss out dead excuses, and put in the work. Putting in the work means having the discipline to sit down and focus on your goals with no distractions, it means execution.

With a team of serial entrepreneurs and focused business women, we can all come together and create a powerhouse of boss women with empires. We are here to change lives and help women walk in their passion with a community of go-getters!

We have been inspired and lead by some magnificent women. Not only do they get things done, but they also divide their time by putting on so many hats. Being a female entrepreneur is a true art and once you synergize with other women entrepreneurs you get what Empress Empire would call “powerhouse magic”! Here are five things that happen when female entrepreneurs come together.

The relationship between entrepreneurs and their contributions to the locals in the community grows. Its highly contagious when you have women giving, and helping to nurture the community. When women connect they add value and a variety of services to the locals and their businesses. They also contribute to helping the community by hosting several mediums of activities like, educational seminars, empowerment events, back to school drives, and feeding the needy to name a few.


Self-Empowerment is highly contagious amongst women. A group of women motivating, inspiring and actively helping each other can have a profound effect on other individuals. This dynamic energy overflows into the worlds of others. Imagine being in a room full of high-energy individuals; it would instantly eliminate negative behaviors. A great model of relationships to have is one where all parties are treated fairly and can benefit from the feel-good vibes they get when coming together.

Entrepreneur services are efficiently communicated and supported by the local government. The local government is full of resources. What better way to create success for your local community, but by doing business with the local government. You can add more credibility to your platform and increase your influence by participating with local government groups.

Charitable contributions will be at an all-time high. Whether its donating money, can good foods, having a coat drive, or simply spreading the word through the local communities the charity work will increase. Entrepreneurs understand the importance of giving and receiving. Giving and providing value to others is one of the most important duties of an entrepreneur.

Last but not least, have you heard of the phrase “teamwork makes the dreamwork”? It all starts with who you have on your team so choose wisely. Can they operate when you are not there? Working together as a team builds trust and confidence within your brand or product. Best of all you create an awesome comradery between each other that is sure to be long lasting.

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