Tribal Fusion. Well, I was hooked . . .

Natasha McCallister | Contributor

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I started dancing many years ago as a way to exercise. I was so tired of the drudgery of working out and wanted something fun and social.

After all, if you enjoy what you are doing you will most likely continue doing it! I didn’t know much about belly dancing beyond what I had seen at Renaissance faires so I had just a vague idea of what was involved; and I had never danced before.

I had a wonderful time with the young ladies of Girl Scout Troop 13089 last night learning all about Egyptian Belly Dance!

Turns out there are over 5 different styles in Memphis alone. Belly dance can incorporate almost any type of dance so the styles are copious. I picked a studio and called the owner. She was very nice and encouraged me to give it a try. The style- Tribal Fusion. Well, I was hooked. Turns out I had a penchant for belly dancing. I made my way through the beginner classes on to more advanced technique and eventually helped to start a student dance troupe through which I performed as much as I could. When my mentor announced she would be moving and closing the studio I couldn’t just sit around. I knew I had to continue to share my love of belly dancing with the community. I had already been teaching belly dance for a while so I decided to open Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance LLC.

I knew I had to continue to share my love of belly dancing with the community

Belly dancing had become more to me than simply exercise. It is a creative outlet, social time, stress relief; belly dance increases positive body image, balance, endurance and strength with no experience, special skills or equipment needed. The benefits go beyond merely dancing. I find myself listening to music more intently trying to find just the right song or involuntarily dancing when I catch the right beat (grocery store, in line at the bank, car, where ever!). Now I have added American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance to my vitae, a style we do not currently have in Memphis. My niche has grown and I hope will always continue to do so. I will begin teaching classes in ATS starting March 22.

Natasha McCallister

Natasha McCallister

Owner | Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance LLC

Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance offers classes in introductory belly dance, intermediate and advanced technique, improvisation, American Tribal Style (ATS), choreographies and more.

There are other outlets in belly dance, too. Many belly dancers make their own costumes. There is a lot of crafting and sewing involved for those who wish to do so. I also spend time writing my own choreographies for my dance pieces. Belly dance offers so many creative channels that I think almost anyone could find their calling in belly dancing, regardless of age, weight, fitness level or ability. As we say, anyone can belly dance!

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