Jennifer Hayes brings us Memphis Mae

Jerome Robinson with Jennifer Hayes | Nov 2, 2017

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A shameless fan of all things happily ever after, Jennifer J. Hayes has been a lifelong student of romance. She lives how she loves: Over the top! Jen is clearly a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t ashamed of it. She has traveled the world, as a Military Brat, and is now residing in Houston, Texas, with the two loves of her life: her husband of 13 years, and their 9 year old son. Jennifer is currently working as a marketing director for South Carolina Matchmakers, a successful matchmaking company. She has been helping her clients find love, for the past 19 years. No one knows the love industry better than she does! Jen enjoys romantic movies, dancing, catching up with friends, over a glass of wine, and her many, many pairs of stilettos. She’s not the kind of person who would enjoy taking the same vacation twice, but she fully admits to being able to eat Greek food, every single day of the week. Somewhere in between running a successful marketing firm, supporting her foundation- I Know How to, rallying various charity events (her favorites being Heart Disease and Breast Cancer), and being a wife and mother, she managed to fulfill her latest passion in writing her first debut novel, Bound by Memphis and the follow up Memphis Mae.

If you care about the formalities…

Jennifer J. Hayes has a varied educational background in Communications, Education, a Bachelor’s in History, and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. She earned both of her degrees from the University of Houston. Her work of published articles can be found in WorldOfLongmire, RelevantMagazine, and Single Lifestyles Magazine.

What was the inspiration behind the book?

Memphis Mae was prompted after Bound By Memphis, my first novel created a need to give readers the knowledge of the beginning of the story and a conclusion to the end. I received an overwhelming response to my first novel and it really inspired me to continue the story.

How do the characters touch your life?

They changed me because while writing the book I had to become the characters in order to help the readers connect with the story. Such an emotional roller coaster but I got through it. I am always hoping that I can inspire or touch someone’s life with the characters.

What was it about Mae that moved you to write about her again?

People wanted to know the truth about her paternity. It was inevitable that I finished the story.

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A little about the story

Memphis Mae is the long-anticipated follow-up to Bound by Memphis, which earned author Jennifer J. Hayes the 2013 Author of the Year Award from the BWABC. More tantalizing glimpses from Jasmine’s past are revealed through the eyes of her daughter as she reads her journal, while bringing the events of the first book to stunning conclusion.

As Jasmine’s words mingle with Memphis’ painful experiences, the young lady begins to question what love is – that between our parents, and that in her own life. Far away from her hometown Dallas, Memphis is crawling to the end of her undergrad studies in NYC, struggling with the challenges of adapting to adult life in the Big Apple without the support of her family.

As she reads through the torrid pages of her mother’s journal, she finds herself swept off her feet by the dashing Fritz Ribeiro, a spontaneous musician who is every inch the sensuous and creative soul. The instant attraction between the two forces her to confront her own feelings – and what she really wants.

Her blossoming relationship with Fritz is everything that Memphis once dreamed of, but the whispers of the past that she finds in Jasmine’s journal makes her question the love her parents share and her own ability to find her one true love with Fritz – or with anyone.

Memphis Mae continues Jasmine’s story where Bound by Memphis left off, wrapping its story into a new setting as the old indiscretions of Jasmine reverberate through the years into the present.

What can we expect from Jennifer Hayes in the future?

I am currently working on my third book Love Big or Be Single which I am super excited about it. I really believe a passionate, meaningful relationship begins with you. So I am giving you words of wisdom, insider tips, and wealth of relationship/interpersonal knowledge that will help you to discover who you are, what you want, and how to make love your number one priority. Loving Big means caring about it more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, wanting it more than others think is practical, and expecting it more than others think is possible, or end up single.  I also have a children’s book with my husband that is set to release next year.

Where can readers get the book?

Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Jennifer Hayes Online

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