Content Producer
13 Week Program // Unpaid
Internship Description
As the Content Producer Intern, you will have the opportunity to get your name out in the community of Memphis in a unique and positive way. You will be responsible for working 8 hours a week, consisting of Interviewing people on and off camera inside restaurants, non-profits, businesses, and places in the community; you will be taking interviews and creating articles. You will be doing audio interviews or in person research to create article content, working with WordPress to layout the article content and pictures, and assisting in the ideas of places/people/organizations to feature. JustMyMemphis is about sharing the stories and places of the positive things in Memphis, this is an incredible opportunity to make a big difference in the community! The benefits will include having your own portfolio on JustMyMemphis that contains your bio and all the content you have created since your position. This can be used to show future jobs along with a reccomendation from us.
desired attributes
  • Videography and/or photography experience
  • Experience with WordPress or another website service
  • Experience with After Effects, Premiere, or other video editing programs.
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