By Samuel Cicci

JustMyMemphis interviewed Leslie Tyler of Edulastic to discuss the program’s initiative to improve education standards across the country. Leslie Tyler is Vice President of Marketing at Edulastic, a platform for personalized formative assessment for K-12 students, teachers and school districts

  1. Tell us about your past experiences with education?

I’ve been with Edulastic for a little more than a year, heading up marketing and school partnerships. I work with teachers and school districts, leaders around the country, to implement our tools and help them get more insight into what their students know.

  1. What is a brief overview/history of Edulastic.

Edulastic was created by Snapwiz, a company that creates digital courses and textbooks for large higher education publishers, such as Wiley. A little more than a year ago, Snapwiz decided to create a program for K-12 focused on formative assessment. Because most states were starting to implement new standards, there was a lot of interest and anxiety about it, and thus a big need for supporting teachers and administrators with the change. We launched in the summer of 2014, and we have about 25,000 teachers who have signed up since then.

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  1. Does Edulastic aim to improve knowledge pertaining to common core standards or focus on more specific areas?

What Edulastic does is show teachers what standards their students have mastered and what they still need to work on, and it helps show their progression and achievement. Then the teachers can focus their instruction. Edulastic answers the question, “How is the student progressing with the instruction provided?” If they’re not understanding, the teacher can change something about the instruction to come at it in a different way.

  1. What do teachers need to be a part of the program?

Edulastic is a free product for teachers, so all they need to do is go to and create an account. Teachers can start with assessments from our library that are interactive and have a bunch of the online, next-generation question types like drag-and-drop. We’ve just launched our District Enterprise version as well, but the teacher version will remain free, so you can go and sign up!

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  1. What is the end-goal for Edulastic?

Our end goal is to help personalize learning. We want to help pinpoint what the student doesn’t understand, and help teachers focus on developing those areas for each student. Ultimately this will make teachers a lot more effective without adding to their workload.

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