Spruce Up Your Home for Fall

Tips and tricks

By Ashley Moss – Guest Blogger

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Fall is here. Pumpkin-flavored beverages are in season, leaves are changing colors, and the nights are cooler. It’s also time for homes to be spruced up and redecorated before fall activities begin. However, some people may not know where to begin or how to start to begin to spruce up their homes for fall. That’s where my advice comes in. Below are 5 simple ways that anyone who wants to spruce up their home for the fall season can liven up their home.




1. Declutter a closet or a room.

Clean out a closet or a room in your home. As you do so, collect all the items you no longer use, want, or wear and have a yard sale to make some extra cash. You can also give the items to a charity like the Salvation Army if you would prefer. Decluttering your home will help your home to stay organized and in order.

2. Flowers Outside

Put flowers in pretty pots inside or outside of your home. This will add a nice touch to your home and improve the appearance of your home.

3. Fall decorations

Hang up fall decorations inside and outside of your home. They will improve the overall feel and mood of your home.


4. summer to fall décor

Trade summer décor for fall décor. Fall is the perfect time to clean your home top from bottom, rearrange items and furniture, and bring some color into your life and home.


5. Scented candles

Purchase and place scented candles around your home in different rooms that resemble or remind you of what fall means to you, and light them every once in a while. They will enhance the ambience of your home.


ashley Moss

Guest Blogger // AshleyMossAuthor.weebly.com

Ashley Moss was born and raised in Memphis, Tn. She is the middle child of three children born to her mother, and she dearly loves her family. She is an aspiring journalist and writer who is finishing up her third degree at Southern New Hampshire University online. She also loves reading, writing, anything inspirational, and pizza.

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