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What is a HouseTaRaunt you may ask? There is no better person to ask then the person planning and implementing a unique place. Her name is Shukriyyah Aquil, known amongst the community as “Queen of Tofu”. This local herbalist has combined the art of natural healing with the food we consume to increase our overall health and wellness.

For the sake of being tongue tied I’ll call this extraordinary woman Shef Sugar, dedicated to her use of all things natural. Her idea is nothing new, in fact, as a young child she remembers her mom selling dinners as she referenced out the front part of the house while the family lived in the back part of the house.

         A tamale pie with seasoned veggie rice & squash.

The heritage and legacy of holistic eating has become a way of life for her. After having spent 30 plus years away from Memphis, Shef Sugar has returned to share a wealth of knowledge through both community involvement an education. She finds the need for culinary education in the art of vegetarian/vegan cooking.

When I first met this gem of a woman she shared with me a story of steak over mashed potatoes or rice with a rich brown gravy and cornbread. My mouth began to water. I told her I would be over next time she prepares that dish. Before I knew it my foot was stuck in my mouth as she finished the conversation with everything is vegan, oh ooh…. no meat!! The steak I had my heart set on would be made out of Tofu.

She has found her place, located in the historic Stax Museum corridor at 1177 Mississippi Blvd., this HouseTaRaunt is beautifully welcoming, you feel the warmth when you enter the front door. She has 5 dining spaces throughout the home, upstairs, downstairs, and main dining area. You can pick and choose.

After due diligence in finding out all the legalities, obtaining her permits, and licensure and visioning, Shef Sugar owns and operates her HouseTaRaunt from 1 to 8 pm every Saturday. She is also accepts intimate, group, and special event reservations.

              Auntie Pat’s carmel cake.

With the support of hungry healthy diners she has successfully ran her kitchen with love for the past 8 months here in the heart of “Soulville” along with with 2 years at her previous location. So the next time you looking for a meatless approach to healthier eating with some natural healing for your mind, body and soul, remember the HouseTaRaunt on the hill.

I forgot to mention Shef Sugar, has a recipe book called Shukriyyah’s Southern Soulful Veggie Recipes. She also uses her HouseTaRaunt to support and network with others, every 3 months she host the Christian~Jewish~Muslim dialogue. When you stop by for dinner ask her to enlighten you on this wonderful fellowship.

As I sat an watched patrons come and go I got it, her soulful style with her soulful cooking is enough to have you just stop by for a visit. When you stop by tell her Butterflyy sent you!

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