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adventure & zip lines

By Alden Zuck

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Treetop Adventure is a challenging high-ropes and zip line course, and it sure works up a sweat in the heat of the summer.

Is it worth the temperature?

The answer is a strong YES!

When you arrive to the course they took us through all the training needed while on ground in order to know how to use the carabiners correctly.

And it’s so easy!

Once you get that simple process down to make sure you are always hooked in, you can focus on having a blast up in the trees and flying down zip lines. It was fun, challenging, and a wonderful view. It’s a course that takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete as you move throughout the beautiful landscape. The high-ropes course “includes suspended obstacles, swings, and breathtaking zip. lines. [It engages] every sense in a fully immersive and visually stunning forest setting.” (GoApe).

The amount of variation in the rope courses are a blast and it’s a great experience for groups, party’s, outings, or whatever your group may be! Even if you are afraid of heights, then this is exactly what you should do to face that fear and have a good time doing it!


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We bring life insurance to
multi-cultural middle-class America

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