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Dr. Matthew Brewer

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We had passed the place many times.  In fact, it is located near one of our favorite spots.  During our courtship and the first year of our marriage, we had many long discussions and evenings at the nearby Pizza Hut which has since been torn down.  And now, only a couple hundred feet from where our favorite old worn red booth used to be, there is a place where family happens and community is fostered.  The Pitter Potter.

My wife had told me on a few occasions that she wanted to go there.  I didn’t think much of it.  In fact, what I did think was that must be a great place for women to hang out. One thing about it, I was not interested in going and painting or making anything.

Then it happened.

A couple weeks ago, I got off work pretty early and knew we would have a long evening available to us.  I was thinking about going to dinner and a movie, but that is something we do regularly.  I then thought about going to the batting cages, but it was too hot to consider that.  I was driving down Germantown Parkway when I thought, hmmm, I know my wife would enjoy going there.  I decided to send her a text and asked her to meet me at an address – 845 N. Germantown Parkway.  I did not tell her the name of the place, only that we could have a date night there.  She agreed to meet me without asking many questions, but then about 3 minutes later she sent me a text with lots of smiles and hearts that said, “We are going to the Pitter Potter?!”.  She was excited.  This made me happy, as I love to find ways to make her smile.

I arrived at the Pitter Potter about 20 minutes before she did and Samantha welcomed me in.  It was a very friendly and welcoming environment, however with me being 6’5″ and 2** pounds, I truly felt like a bull in a fine china shop.  There were little pieces of pottery everywhere.  I would pick one up to look at it and quickly try to put it back down without breaking anything.   I kept looking out the window because I wanted my wife to get there.  What seemed like an hour for her to arrive was really only 20 minutes.  I was glad to see her.   As soon as she walked in, she looked at me and said, “I love this place!”  Little did I know by the end of the evening, I would have the same sentiment.

Artistically speaking, my creativity has always been restricted to the realm of musical talent.  I had never had any success in painting anything or making any piece of art beautiful.   Now, my wife, she is a different story.  She touches something and it becomes beautiful.  She has so much talent in her fingertips, and I have to admit at times I am jealous of her incredible gift.  However, she continues to encourage me in everything I do so that day she encouraged me to believe that I could make something beautiful.

We both picked out the pieces that we would be working on.  Samantha showed us the system and how everything worked.  She introduced us to the paint bar and showed us all the supplies, and we were ready to begin.  I chose a plate and chalice and Jennifer chose a cross and a vase.    The Pitter Potter is nice and roomy so you can be as close as you want to be to someone, or if you need a more quiet time you can isolate yourself into one of the corners.  We sat at the window and began to work on our creations.

There was a mother and her daughter painting at the table beside us.  She looked at us and told us she wished her husband would come and do this with her like I was doing with Jennifer.  We smiled and complimented them on their fine crafts.  Of course, I was feeling like “Husband of the Year” after that comment.

As the evening continued, I was having a blast.  There was so much fun to be had and I was having it with my wife…my best friend.  After being there a little while, we began to mingle more.  We met some wonderful people that evening.  We met some people with amazing talent.  Two that come to mind are Ida and Lynette.  These two women are so talented and they quickly welcomed us into the Pitter Potter Family, giving us suggestions, and sharing some ideas with me about how to add flair to my craft.  We began to share personal stories and got to know each other.  It was a fantastic evening for both Jennifer and myself.   It was getting very late so we turned in our items for glazing and firing, and as we left we both agreed that we would come back again soon.

We waited a long time before our next visit….nearly 16 hours.  Yes, it’s true, we went back the very next day and enjoyed the same gracious and warm atmosphere.  This time we brought 3 friends with us.  I wanted others to experience the community that is found in the Pitter Potter so we invited our friends Ginger, Aphra, and Janie.    We had already told them of our awesome experience so they were excited to join us.    We worked for hours – I think we were there 5 hours that day.  Jennifer and I branched out from pottery into canvas painting.  She is a talented painter, but as for myself…well, let’s just say I had a great time and I was actually pleased with how mine turned out.   Vincent, the resident artist, walked around offering encouragement and creative help to patrons.  This is so helpful to us novice painters.

Our new friends Lynette and Ida also came in to continue to work on pieces they had previously started.  All of us talked and shared as though we had been friends forever.  Connections were made that day and friendships formed.  A few days later when we went to pick up our pieces, when we drove into the lot, I said that looks like Janie’s car.  It was – when we walked in, there was Ginger and Janie working on new pieces.   They are hooked, just like we are.

The Pitter Potter is a ministry for families and individuals who are looking for a place to belong.   There is a community there.  There is a family friendly spirit there.  There is friendship to be found there.   Jennifer the owner, Samantha, and Vincent are an awesome trio who make people feel welcome and accepted.   They are there to help and assist, but there is not any intrusiveness on their part.   I don’t know if their goal was to be a ministry, but it definitely feels that way when I walk in the door.   On our last visit, my wife and I purchased the Pitter Potter year-long family pass.   Let the creative juices flow.

Hopefully, we will see you at the Pitter Potter soon.

Dr. Matthew Brewer

Matthew Brewer has been in the Memphis area since 2003, and in that time, he has been no stranger to the wonderful southern cuisine found here in the Mid-South.  He graduated from West Liberty State College, received his masters from University of Louisiana at Monroe, and his D.Min from Andersonville Theological Seminary.  He is employed by Shelby County Schools as a PLC Coach, pastors Grace Gathering Church, and in his spare time, does marketing for his Wife, Jennifer’s custom Jewelry Company, Jentegrity Jewelry, located in Cordova.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, quiet evenings at home, dinners with friends, and lots of family time.

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