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The 2014 exodus of six suburban towns from the newly consolidated Shelby County Schools system is one of the nation’s most egregious examples of public education splintering into a system of haves and have-nots over race and class, says a new report.
The Commercial Appeal

In just one year, Shelby County’s budget was slashed by 20%.  Declining enrollment has forced drastic measures: Seven Memphis-area schools have closed since the 2014–15 school year alone, and the district laid off about 500 teachers in both 2015 and 2016.

“This isn’t a story of one or two communities. This is about a broken system of laws that fail to protect the most vulnerable students,”
Rebecca Sibilia

Terry Roland, a Shelby County commissioner who supported the pullouts, said the secession wasn’t about race, but about having local control and creating better opportunities for students in their communities.



“In the short run, it may seem to be the easier course to allow our great metropolitan areas to be divided up each into two cities—one white, the other black—but it is a course, I predict, our people will ultimately regret.” – Justice Thurgood Marshall

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The State Report Card

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  • A Comparisons tab that allows the user to create their own comparison between the state, schools and districts on the following measures – Achievement, Graduation Rate, ACT Scores, Student Enrollment and Ethnicity, Per Pupil Funding, and Value-Added Composite Scores. Please note that due to the volume of data being calculated for this page, response times may vary.
  • A College and Career Readiness tab that includes data on graduation rates, ACT scores, ACT college readiness benchmarks and students meeting the HOPE Scholarship Eligibility on ACT.

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