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By Duy N.

From Humble Beginnings

In an effort to entertain at a dinner celebrating 15 years of Special Kids and Families (SKF), founder Darlene Winters was approached by an SKF board member and mom to choreograph small sequence for the guests. The group was comprised of six SKF graduates who were eager to do some dancing. During the three months rehearsing for the dinner, everyone helping making the vision become a reality had started thinking about the future. I’m sure the idea of stopping after one show wasn’t a part of the plan any longer. For myself dance is just way too fun to do only once. Parents, the dancers, and Darlene decided that they wanted to continue dancing as an ensemble. February 2011 marked when “The Dancers” would start weekly classes with the rest being history.

As the dancers honed their techniques, doing shows on the national, regional, and local level they now have their own dance studio. The space opened in 2014 which allows the class to accommodate new faces looking to learn and most importantly, D.A.N.C.E. They practice and perform a wide range of styles ranging from ballet to modern, After meeting Darlene at a local non profit networking event, I proposed to come teach them a little bit of the dancing I do, not because I’m particularly good, but because art is something you just want to share with others that are passionate. So that’s a possibility and I look forward to having the logistics figured out on that front. I recently visited the studio and watched as the dancers keeping toes pointed and watching the angles of arms and legs during movements. I’m not gonna lie, the ballet terminology was beyond me but the class knew what was going on and that’s what really mattered. It was a delight seeing individuals enjoy working on their craft and get a first hand glimpse of learning all the stances, foot placements, and the million other things these dancers have to know to perform for an audience. 

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Duncan-Williams, Inc. Presents:

It's Happening in Memphis

Benefiting the Germantown Performing Arts Center


  • November 4, 2018 Soweto Gospel Choir
  • November 10, 2018 Ellis Marsalis Quintet
  • January 11, 2019 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver with Flatt Lonesome
  • January 12, 2019 Fred Hersch Pocket Orchestra
  • January 26, 2019 Dorrance Dance
  • February 2, 2019 Jazzmeia Horn
  • March 30, 2019 Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour
  • March 1, 2019 Shawn Colvin
  • May 4, 2019 Ballet Memphis: Midsummer Night's Dream

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