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Company d Mission
To inspire and provide training for individuals with Down syndrome who have inherent aptitude for the performing arts.

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Company d Dancers
708 W Brookhaven Circle Memphis, TN 38117
About Us
Company d of Memphis, Tennessee, is a nationally recognized dance company of young adults with Down syndrome under the artistic direction of choreographer Darlene Winters. Founded in 2001, Company d is committed to inspire, empower and teach individuals with Down syndrome who have an inherent aptitude for the performing arts. Through weekly class rehearsals and dedicated practices, the dancers have developed into a company that performs to a variety of music represented by classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. Moreover, Company d members have learned to work as a team, united in “one movement” through discipline and commitment. Members of Company d continue to change and grow in their abilities and artistic skills while their performances shape and grow their audiences from venue to venue.
Services & Programs

First Step

The objectives of the beginning class level are to establish the basic elements of dance, inspire creativity, enhance self-esteem, and focus, increase overall body strength and nurture the love of movement. Activities to heighten awareness of personal space and spatial orientation to the mirror, barre and directionality are embedded within the class format. Facilitating language related to the dance experience such as comprehension of related vocabulary and following simple to complex directions are commensurate with the training.

This introduction to dance also focuses on developing behavior and social skills appropriate for a structured class in a studio setting. Parameters for participation are established and reinforced each session.

Step up

Company d dancers sign an annual commitment agreement to attend a minimum of two, two-hour classes weekly and designated rehearsals. To ensure proper understanding of the information outlined within this agreement, it is reviewed with dancers. Parents, in turn, are encouraged to sign the agreement after reviewing with their dancer. Furthermore, a dance standard form, available for all dancers and parents, is utilized by the teachers and guest artists.

Company d dancers attend an annual two week summer intensive workshop. During this time the dancers work with guest artists in the area of visual arts, theatre, dance and yoga.

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