Saint Patrick’s Day in Liverpool, England

Saint Patrick’s Day in Liverpool, England

Saint patricks day

in liverpool, england

by Alden Zuck

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St Patrick’s Day in Liverpool is one of the biggest parties in England, and this year the celebration took place on a Saturday.

For Liverpool, this meant beginning the green even before breakfast!

To begin the day, the Irish community groups hold their annual parade at the former Irish Centre which included dancers, plenty of bagpipes, and everything covered in Green. Everyone in the city is decked out in leprechaun beards, Irish flags, paint, costumes, etc., the crazier the better! This party includes adults, teenagers, kids, dogs, and even the older folks come out on the town to celebrate.

You may be wondering why anyone would stay in Liverpool if you can simply catch a twenty-pound flight over to Ireland. However, the number of Irish pubs and Irish people that live in Liverpool is very surprising, in fact, this city is very historically linked to Ireland and around 75% of the people in Liverpool have some amount of Irish heritage. It makes sense why so many people stay here to celebrate with all the Irish already here! 

On the other hand, if you are a scouser (a scouser is the name for a person from Liverpool) then chances are you were in Anfield Stadium on St Patrick’s Day.

This Stadium is a massive arena for football (AKA soccer) and is always packed full. If you thought people from the States are crazy about American football, come to Liverpool and experience this massive rivalry that is present in everyday life (some bartenders may not serve you if you say you are a Liverpool or Manchester fan).

This is a special place for so many people and if you get the opportunity to visit Liverpool, then going to watch a game is an experience that you must try!

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This year, St Patrick’s Day was coated in snowy weather with freezing temperatures and high winds, creating a storm that makes it hard to walk and keep your eyes open. Although, five minutes later it would be sunny, the wind would be gone, and blue skies were out.

This unpredictable weather didn’t stop everyone from coming together, filling the streets, and celebrating the Irish history and heritage inside Liverpool’s City Centre. 

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