16 year old Overton High Lyrikal Jenkins teaches a city how to Be Amazing

16 year old Overton High Lyrikal Jenkins teaches a city how to Be Amazing


16 year old Overton High Lyrikal Jenkins teaches a city how to Be Amazing

Lyrikal Jenkins invites you to Paint it Pink & Purple Party

Lyrikal is hosting an educational paint party with a goal of bringing awareness to the affects of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence on children.

By Jerome Robinson

Lyrikal Jenkins reached out to JustMyMemphis on Facebook asking if we would help promote her event.  When I realized she was just sixteen, I told her we needed to clear things with a parent first.  After seeing that this young lady was putting this together on her own, I just had to interview her.  It turns out this was not the first time Lyrikal had reached out to JustMyMemphis.  When she was thirteen, she told us on Facebook that she would love for us to interview her mom.  Why?  Because her mom was so amazing.  For this interview I got the chance to meet her mother and her little brother, and I have to tell you.  We need more mom’s life this one in our country!

Lyrikal starts to cry in this interview.  Her reason blew me away.  She was nervous and was worried she was not covering her points well enough.  At a time when political leaders have lowered the bar on class, goal setting, and results; a sixteen year old teaches us how to #BeAmazing!

Questions for Lyrikal . . .

What motivated you to put together an event for Cancer and Domestic Violence Awareness?

Witnessing survivors of breast cancer and losing family members due to this disease have motivated me along with having a mother and multiple family members who have experienced the abuse known as domestic violence.

What impact are you hoping your event will have?

As a 16 year old, I hope to create a positive impact on younger children as well as adults to ensure that they are aware of the effects that breast cancer and domestic violence has on children and teens.

Tell us what attendees can expect

People who are attending this event can expect live performances, food, raffles, artistic skills, and so much more.

What is next for you and your creative mind?

As a teen in the Memphis community, I plan to continue being an active leader, but I do not have another event planned, as of yet, but there will be more to come.

What role has your mom had in shaping your community giveback goals?

My mom has had an enormous impact in shaping my community giveback goals because she pushes me to do my best even when I doubt my capabilities.

What advice to you have for other young people?

My advice to younger children is to believe in yourself. If you have an idea that will affect your community or the world in a positive way, go for it.

If you could share one thing with city leaders, what would that be?

City leaders, the younger generation looks up to you and I hope that you lead by example by leading children, teens, and adults in the right direction. We have a voice too, please listen.

This Yes Girls Can Spotlight is being brought to you by the Monogram Loves Kids Foundation

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