Being a Multifaceted Young Woman

Anne Cater | Contributor

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APRIL, 2017

Young Voices

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As a multifaceted young woman, I am passionate about several pursuits in my life. Lacrosse, vocal expression, reading and learning, church, socializing, and competition are among my life’s passions. Most of these interests have been mine from a very early age.

My first lacrosse experience is one that I really don’t remember. I was three years old and I found my Dad’s lacrosse stick in the garage. I asked him what it was, so he taught me how to pick up a ground ball. After that the story goes on that when my parents did yard work, I picked up ground balls – sometimes with my right hand and sometimes with my left hand.

Hutchison girls have won seven lacrosse championships!

Anne Cater attends the Hutchison School. Hutchison School is an independent day school for girls in grades PK-12 located in Memphis, Tennessee. Hutchison School was founded by Mary Grimes Hutchison in 1902.

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When I was in Kindergarten, my Dad organized a little league lacrosse program. I played on both the girls’ teams and the boys’ teams. He became a lacrosse coach at my school. We began going to the University of Maryland women’s lacrosse camps every summer.

My Dad also coached hundreds of kids in lacrosse camps. My game had progressed enough that he often allowed me to help the newer players. Now I assist in my school’s beginner lacrosse camps. I am called upon to help our younger goalies improve their game skills.

My parents tell me that I sang even before I could talk. I love to sing. It doesn’t matter if it is a performance, church choir, singing and dancing ensemble, Just Bee practice, or just singing with the radio with my friends. Singing relaxes me. It is one of the stress relievers in my life.

I enjoy vocal competitions, honor choirs, and performing vocal groups. In the sixth grade, I was selected to sing in a upper school Triple Trio group competition at a local university. After that, I have tried out for several honor choirs. Some of my favorite memories are going on our choir tour with our church vocal groups every summer. Before I graduate, I will earn the Certificate of Arts from my high school.

I love people. I am a social person. I appreciate little people and babies. I engage my parents and their friends. I listen for wisdom from my elders.

I started reading from a very young age. I was so passionate about reading that I would read aloud to my younger sister. I read everything or tried to. As I grew a little older, my friends and I would pick really long books and compete to see who read them the fastest.

I won the library award in Middle School every year. Reading is a valuable part of my life. It is usually a stress free part of my day. However, some of the literary readings for my classes would be characterized differently. My Mom and I often read the same books. She picks out books for me to read. I pick out books for her to read. It is fun. She asked me recently how many books did I read last year. I read over two hundred books last year. I have read over a hundred books every year since I was in the seventh grade.

I cannot remember a day that I did not know how to pray. My parents would tuck me in at night usually by reading to me followed by a prayer. I was the kid that went to every VBS. I was always at Sunday School. We loved our Wednesday night church wide suppers. Basically, if the church doors were opened, we were there.

I love people. I am a social person. I appreciate little people and babies. I engage my parents and their friends. I listen for wisdom from my elders. Most of all, I love just laughing and talking with my friends. I truly believe that we are placed on earth by God to be good to each other and to love one another.

My Dad laughs and says that I know everyone. I know everyone who works at my school. I know the people from our favorite restaurants. I know all of people at church, who live on my street, who work at my gym, who work at our grocer, who come into contact with me. My parents are constantly telling me that people whom my parents encountered during the day asked about me. My Dad said that he is most known for being Anne Cater’s Dad.

Ask anyone. I am competitive. Life is competition. I compete in sports, vocal competitions, working out, grades, reading, and anything that I can measure against my family and friends. I don’t always have to win, but I do love to win. Competition is fun. It can make you better, but it can also make you laugh at yourself or others. Competition is not always serious. Sometimes it is silly. For example, trying to see who can get from the car into the house to the last chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen, you or your sister.

Anne Cater

Anne Cater

Lacrosse Goalkeeper | Hutchinson High School

“Academics develop your mind for life’s challenges. Sports develops you for life.”

Anne Cater

My goal for the next five years is to be enrolled in a great university earning my degree looking forward to a Master’s degree and a Doctorate. I want to be a contributing member of the university lacrosse program. I will continue to play golf as well. There might be a sorority in the mix, and possibly a boy or two.

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