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Behind the Passion, Ellen Sits Down[Q & A]

Hurricane Katrina was an extremely destructive and deadly Category 5 hurricane that made landfall on Florida and Louisiana, particularly the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas, in August 2005. The life that Ellen Butterflyy-Allen knew would change forever. But this Hurricane was no match for her Passion!

by JR Robinson

Let me introduce you to Ellen Butterflyy-Allen.  She defines herself as an Author~Coach~Poet~Playwright. Daughter~Mother~“Lovie”. Created for all these passions.   To meet her is to be inspired.  She is a force of nature that plows through any challenge that life puts in her way.  Here at JustMyMemphis, we simply call her Butterflyy.  Lately Butterflyy can be found everywhere.  She is on Billboards, Radio Shows, Morning Talk Shows, and all over JustMyMemphis.  Why?  She has a new book out and a new stage show by the same name premiering this week at the Circuit Playhouse.

I sat down with Butterflyy to find out a little more about this amazing force of nature!  Butterflyy and her family were living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina made landfall.  When Butterflyy heard the warning to get out of New Orleans, she did just that.  So on the day Katrina made landfall, Butterflyy had just arrived in Memphis after 13 hours on the road.

Tell us about the moment you knew you were in trouble

I didn’t know there would be any great trouble, however I am a heed the warnings type of gal. So me with my 3 babies and 2 arms there was never a second thought, my instinct was maternally, the safety of my children.

How did you end up in Memphis?

My husband then / co-parent now is a Memphian and we normally choose to be around family just in case trouble occurred. We never expected the type of disaster that hit.

How did life change for you after the Hurricane?

Life changed drastically, I had to adjust quickly which I did, that maternal instinct guide all my decisions, I settled in Texas within a week my children were in school and I purchased a house, emotionally I felt a true sense of lost however I knew my children needed the stability of knowing they were safe. I was never a materialistic person but seeing the home I had built and filled with love in such a hazardous condition definitely took a toll on me.

Talk to us about your inspiration to write?

Putting pen to paper is therapeutic for me and those that love me. If I don’t write I fail to give healthily. As an individual and part of a collective. My desire to be complete is the reason I write.

Take us back to the day you started writing A Cougar’s Passion

It was Feb 2017, I’m an in the moment pen and paper writer, when something comes to me I write. I sleep with my writing tools, I was experiencing life from the inside out, translation allowing my heart to see and hear things differently, after moving to Memphis 5 years ago, myself along with a few women of generational beauty were being approached about dating and relationships with younger gentlemen this unspoken anomaly sparked months of writing about the experiences of those women

Where did the passion, the ideas, and the lustful concept of the book come from?

1st there is no “lustful” concept, the book was written from the Heart of a young man that spoken to the Soul of an older woman. The passion came from the depth of their connection, the story was from experienced, embellished for reader cause and effect. We must know that Love vs Lust is not a competition but rather a balance of relationship equality.

You have turned this into a stage production, share with us the challenges of getting this to the stage and what the audience can expect to see

The major challenge is support. People tend to judge a book by it’s cover instead of embracing the beauty of creative artistry. My moniker is a “Butterflyy” which means to me all things beautiful. This play is about the Beauty of Love however different than we traditionally classify as acceptable.

Talk to us about how you make time to take care of yourself, your needs, your desires.

I do but I haven’t in 16 weeks because of this production, normally I do well at pacifying myself spontaneously, I understand the benefits of self-care so much so that others think I go overboard with me time.

Are you Candice Billings?

I am, along with so many other beautiful women who love life and embrace their fails those far in order to accept wins.

What qualities do you share with her?

Her internal conflict is something I identify with. Her Strength to keep moving. Her sexy, her wit, her zeal.

You have a book, a stage play, you are all over social networks. Have you reached the life you set for yourself?

I never expected this, all things being given me are purely magical. The life I set for myself is being written daily, after the devastation of Katrina I completely recognize and understand that this life is worth living and I will not Pre-write to re-write my outcome.

Where is your Passion going to take you next?

We shall see!!!!

Be real with us, why do you work so much and what advice do you have for other women?

I work hard for me, the vision is mine, others can help and assist but none will sacrifice more than the visionary and right now with and for “A Cougar’s Passion “ I go hard. To my women out in this thing we call life, go hard, through the tears, setbacks and struggles know that the outcome is yours own it, if you ever need this Butterflyy I am here to help you see the beauty of your plan.


Ellen “Butterflyy” Allen currently resides in Memphis, TN, where she is a GirlBoss. With ventures in the arts community as an author and poet, she credits being a native New Orleanian as the foundation for her welcoming nature. Ellen also finds great passion in the many hats she adorns as a writing coach, speaker, entertainment host, blogger, and talk radio co-host. She writes “To Her for Her”, the theme behind BSLinspire/Breaking the Silence through LIterature (the non-profit she founded in 2011). Ellen is also a mother of three and grandmother to three GrandKings.



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