From Unity comes:

the Mending of a Broken Heart

Jerome Robinson


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I got a text message late in the afternoon from Phil McLendon, the owner of Absolute Moving Service. Phil wanted to know if JustMy could come out on the following day to capture video of his crew teaming up with the Forrest Spence Fund to help out a local woman and her three daughters. When I showed up on the next day, what I found was a very touching example of the unity of our city.

Let me take you back a moment to how we got here, a local woman found herself having to leave her life as she knew it to create a stable and secure environment for herself and her children. No home, no job, no furniture. But these were not the only battles this young woman was having to deal with. Her youngest daughter is having to fight with health issues at four months old that has required multiple surgeries already with more pending. On the health care battle, this young woman has the best team on her side. The amazing doctors and support staff of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital have stepped up to give this family the best care possible.

But what about everything else?
This is where Memphis really shines. The issues this young woman faced are not small issues for anyone to face. But how do you get started when you have no money, no job, no furniture, and no home? How do you not give up when everything in your life has become a battle and you are in the middle of a battle field with no weapons? You ask for help. That is exactly what this young woman did, and she just happened to ask a person in this city that has the #BeAmazing spirit to move heaven and earth to make things happen. Brittany Spence is the founder of the Forrest Spence Fund. She took her own loss and from it created the Forrest Spence Fund to help people in situations just like this. It is stories like these that Brittany and her team look for as opportunities to serve others.

“It is about how the unity of our city came together to mend a broken heart!”

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Making this Happen: The Forrest Spence Team

I arrived at a home that had almost nothing in it. No toys, almost no furniture, and in place of these items was a little four month old with a broken heart. The Absolute Moving Services backed up to the house with their moving truck and a crew of movers. It was raining outside, but at the moment the moving van truck doors opened; the sun started to shine for this family. Inside the moving truck was furniture for every room of the home. There were toys, clothing, and more for this family. This young woman who had nothing, now had a job, furniture, and now a place that felt more like a home. What makes this story so moving is that all of these items were donated by the people of Memphis. Brittany and her team made calls, made a list of what was needed, and reached out to people around the city that could help get this young woman on her feet. That morning Absolute Moving Service drove around the city stopping at house after house picking up high quality donations for a family that none of the donors knew.

What I experienced on this day was Memphis at it’s best. Not Black Memphis, not White Memphis, not Democrat Memphis, not Republican Memphis, but Memphis people showing the unity that at our core is who we truly are! On this day I saw Unity Come Together to Mend a Broken Heart.

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