Are you chasing or Pursuing?

A play on words

By Ellen “Butterflyy” Allen

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Wait a minute chasing and pursuing have the same meaning, of course they do according to traditional definition , (Merman-Webster).
Many people today choose to say that they are chasing their dream, do you realize what chasing means? You are always behind something, is that really where we need to be, is that really where we want to be? If you change the words you change the meaning. I guess you can always say it’s a oxymoron if we look at it in a literal sense. Let’s explore from Butterflyy’s viewpoint.

Defining words that maybe similar has often times leaned towards personal interpretation. Individual lifestyle’s, personalities and opinions afford us the opportunity to esteem those words differently. We all have grind but how we hustle it makes it different, right,the word play could go on forever.

When I think of the “Chase” it puts me in a mind of a never ending journey. You are always on the go, never having time to really outline and critique your moves, at least not from a vantage point. I know, I know some of the most successful people have said they chased their dreams until it became reality. I however think the words we choose to define our journey can add or subtract from the likelihood of me attaining my measure, so I prefer the word “Pursue”.

Now that’s a word I embrace, Pursue, it is the reason I wake up each day with a list of fresh thoughts. Planning a realistic outline for the things I would like to achieve seems easier for me. I am a natural when it comes to encouraging others to pursue their dreams also. Exhaustion is not my friend or anyone’s friend for that matter an although I may seem opinionated I find it’s refreshing to plan your work and work your plan if you are looking for the best outcome.

Some say it’s generational the use of the word chase, I can agree with that also. There are many words that have surfaced in this modern age of tech savvy millennials and fast paced social media outlets where many use words interchangeably, it’s okay.

It’s not up for debate, I find it interesting however that many judge others by their use of words. Just the others day I was in chase of my grandsons as they ran over-winded in the park while I lacked sufficient wind to catch up to them. So maybe it is age an since I am getting older I guess I’ll stick to the word I am most familiar with, and that happens to be Pursue, not Chase.

If you have a voice and the matter contact me an I’ll be more than excited to here your take on running vs walking. Chasing or pursuing

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