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Justin G. Flowers | Contributor

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MAY, 2017

Living Healthy

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April Ward, a Sickle Cell Consumer (SS), is one outstanding woman. Might I add, she is
also very artistic with her words.

Which is a result of her meeting and spending years with the late Dr. Trevor K. Thompson. I sat down with April because I wanted to get to know her better and get some insight on what The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee means to her.

Interview w/ April Ward

April shared with me how she able to cope so well in life while battling against Sickle Cell. One thing that really caught my attention was the ways she finds inner peace and relaxes herself. She does this by going to a local park, Shelby Farms, find her a good park bench or table, and pull out a book to read as she enjoys the fresh air and park scenery. When something is really bothering her or she just wants to express herself, she begins to use her artistic ways of communication. Either she will make a video for her social media platforms or she begins to write down her thoughts and feelings in her journal.

Once her and Dr. Thompson met and she shared with him what she shared with me, he asked her something that not only changed her life, but brings her to tears when she talks about it. Dr. Thompson realized a gift in April. That gift is her ability to communicate with people. She has a way with words that can really stir up one’s feelings and move then to take some type of action. Trevor Thompson really helped her take ownership of the gift she has and no she is really passionate about speaking. So passionate that she is now a motivational speaker, with a particular focus in Sickle Cell.

As you can imagine, Dr. Trevor K. Thompson has really made a significant impact on many people’s live. Here we can see the amazing growth he was able to influence in April Ward. She really loves everything Trevor and his foundation stand for. Even though there were lots of fun and laughter, April made sure to mention that he was all about business first. That is her favorite thing about the culture Trevor set at The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee. A close runner-up, though, is her nickname Diva.

Justin G. Flowers

Justin G. Flowers

Justin G. Flowers, a Sickle Cell (SC) Consumer, is a dynamite advocate for those living with Sickle Cell across the nation. He dedicates his career to spreading awareness, educating, and help people realize that is possible to live well with Sickle Cell. Therefore, breaking the Sickle Cycle!


Please make sure to share April Ward’s story. Also, please, do everything you can to not only support Sickle Cell Disease and The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee (SCFT), but remember to speak up and help spread awareness about this illness that many people in our community fight against!

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