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Moving Shouldn't be Hard

Reasons Moving Sucks:

  • All the packing
  • All the stress
  • Stuff getting damaged
  • Trying to organize it all
  • Finding a good moving company

There are no limits to the services we provide for our clients. There is no such thing as ‘too heavy’ or ‘too far.’ No job is ‘too big’ or ‘too small.’ Time is taken to listen and understand your moving needs.  ABSOLUTE MOVING is a combination of top-notch customer service, integrity, efficiency, and dependability, with an unrivaled work ethic that equals the perfect formula — resulting in the customer satisfaction that has brought us to where we are today.

Amazon’s Past Reveals the Future of FedEx

I was sitting down with a friend who works in sales at FedEx a few years ago and I brought up the question of Amazon replacing FedEx as a dominant player in shipping. My friend said that would never happen. FedEx isn’t worried about Amazon. At that time Amazon Prime was new. Amazon had just purchased a fleet of jets and trailers for shipping. A look at Amazon’s past was like the handwriting on the wall for me.

by JR Robinson | Founder

From Books to AWS!
There was a time when the business belief was that Amazon could never outsell traditional bookstores. Today bookstores are almost a thing of the past. I could host a local tour of national bookstore buildings that are simply empty or have been converted into something else. Who believed that Amazon Prime would be such a game changer? Because of Prime, Amazon today is an award-winning production company with shows and movies that have become equals in quality and viewership with traditional television and cable networks. But one of Amazon’s biggest success stories can be found in three little letters, AWS! This headline from tells the whole story: “All of Amazon’s 2017 operating income comes from AWS.”

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky was asked about what factors were driving AWS results. He said:

“AWS, yes, if you remember last year, we did have price increases in December of last year towards the end. So ithad a partial impact on the quarter. But generally, just strong usage growth — usage growth continues to be strong growing at a higher rate than our revenue growth rate, and customers continued to add workloads and expand. And as I said, we’re adding new services and features all the time, over 1,400 in 2017 alone. So it’s a number of factors, I would say. It’s not as simple as lapping a cost error — excuse me, price decrease last year, but we’re very happy with the performance in the AWS business. Now over a $20 billion run rate.”
CNBC had this to say about AWS for the fourth quarter of 2018: “Amazon’s cloud-computing division said revenue jumped 45 percent in the fourth quarter, as the company continued to cement its lead over Microsoft and Google.

Sales at Amazon Web Services climbed to $7.43 billion from $5.11 billion a year ago, topping the $7.29 billion consensus estimate among analysts polled by FactSet. AWS revenue represented 10 percent of total quarterly sales at Amazon.

The cloud business has become crucial to the success of its parent, not only for revenue but also for profits.

Operating income for AWS in the quarter was $2.18 billion, exceeding the $2.09 billion FactSet consensus estimate. The unit accounted for 58 percent of Amazon’s overall operating income. AWS’ operating margin was 29 percent, shrinking from 31 percent the prior quarter.”

So what is AWS?
Because JustMyMemphis is planning it’s own expansion into 200 markets, we had to look for a web service platform that could grow with us. This is the point I realized what a powerhouse Amazon Web Services had become. But what is AWS and why should FedEx and Memphis City Leaders be concerned? I turned to for a look at the making of AWS and how it came about:

“There are lots of stories about the formation of AWS, but this much we know: 10 years ago, Amazon Web Services, the cloud Infrastructure as a Service arm of, was launched with little fanfare as a side business for Today, it’s a highly successful company in its own right, riding a remarkable $10 billion run rate.

In fact, according to data from Synergy Research, in the decade since its launch, AWS has grown into the most successful cloud infrastructure company on the planet, garnering more than 30 percent of the market. That’s more than its three closest rivals — Microsoft, IBM and Google — combined (and by a fair margin).

What you may not know is that the roots for the idea of AWS go back to the 2000 timeframe when Amazon was a far different company than it is today — simply an e-commerce company struggling with scale problems. Those issues forced the company to build some solid internal systems to deal with the hyper growth it was experiencing — and that laid the foundation for what would become AWS.

Speaking recently at an event in Washington, DC, AWS CEO Andy Jassy, who has been there from the beginning, explained how these core systems developed out of need over a three-year period beginning in 2000, and, before they knew it, without any real planning, they had the makings of a business that would become AWS.”

FedEx CEO: It’s ‘fantastical’ to think Amazon Air is a threat
Fantastical to think Amazon is a threat. Since day one for Amazon, business leaders have shared the thinking of FedEx CEO who had this to say on the subject:

So I don’t know what I can say other than what I just said. I think the prospects that this company is going to be “disrupted,” which just occurs over and over again, to quote a previous statement, is fantastical. So I’ll leave it at that.” FedEx CEO Frederick Smith

It is easy to dismiss a threat like Amazon when as a competitor, they are small potatoes. But Memphis is the Distribution Center of the World! We are proud of that fact. Thousands of jobs, community support, and local economic stability are all based on the success that Memphis has had as a leader in Distribution. FedEx is the number one reason for this. Time and time again, the media and business leaders have said what Amazon could not do. Recent headlines show both the confidence that FedEx has in its business model and the questions the market has about the future of Amazon Shipping.

But FedEx is very confident that Amazon is not a threat.  Check out the headlines:

Is FedEx Confidence Misplaced?  Look at these headlines:

Four Letters to Remember, AMZL!
AMZL is Amazon Logistics and Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s delivery service. Why is this a concern for Memphis and FedEx? AWS was once just an idea to help Amazon deal with internal systems growth. Today AWS not only serves Amazon, but it serves 1000’s of companies around the world. Amazon simply walked in and took business from Google, Microsoft, and IBM. The success of AWS wasn’t because Amazon wanted to steal business from other companies. It was because they had a problem they needed to solve.

Amazon Logistics is, in fact, the same thing. Amazon wants you to get fresh produce delivered to your door in under an hour. If you run out of diapers for the baby, Amazon wants to get them to you. Amazon even wants to deliver packages to you free! This is good for their business and it is good for you the consumer. But Amazon is not stopping at delivering their own packages. Why would they? Amazon is now shipping packages for small businesses all over the country. So if a company can take a business function that is a large operating cost and turn it into a service that adds millions in revenue to their bottom line. I have to ask, isn’t this just good business?

Can Memphis and FedEx find a Happy Ending?
Now, this is just my thoughts, Memphis we are a city that knows how to grind! We got this. So instead of focusing on what Amazon is doing, why don’t we focus on dominating the future of distribution in new ways? What if FedEx bought Walmart or Target, then teamed up with Google to build an international local delivery service. Buy Uber while you are at it. What if FedEx, Uber, and Retailers teamed up to deliver almost anything you wanted in an hour or by the next day? What if a completely new ecosystem was created where FedEx/Uber drivers could deliver your meds from the local Walgreens as soon as they are ready? Think Uber Eats for everything but delivered with the backing and organization of FedEx!


JR Robinson grew up in the Orange Mound community of Memphis Tennessee and believes in helping communities, organizations, and businesses by sharing their greatness. He is known as a proud father and the Founder of JustMyMemphis, a platform that was created to share positive features across the city. JR is working on turning JustMy into a Local Hub serving more than 200 markets across the US. His slogan Be Amazing, Be Local, Be You; is a focus on empowering communities from within.


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