A food affair

Fuel Café, OVerton Square

By Celeste Riley – Guest Blogger

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Memphis has an array of food options that are scrumptious and soothing to your palate such as Fuel Café. This quaint little restaurant has been open in Memphis for seven years now and recently had a renovation that includes a wood oven as well as new menu options. It used to be a gas station which was converted into an eclectic restaurant that is a relaxing stop for students meeting up with friends. I selected this restaurant in Overton Square since it featured vegetarian selections that are part of a healthier eating trend. The ambiance is pumping with soft rock and roll, many small tables are easily accessible and they also offer a sizeable covered patio for larger groups. The menu features Herbed Lentil Salad, Walnut loaf over smashed potatoes and an array of build your own pizza options.

For my appetizer I selected the Black eyed pea Falafel that’s fried and served with dill tahini sauce along with a dill pickle cucumber salad. I truly enjoyed the flavorful falafel and the sauce made a good pairing while the salad would be considered mini size. For my main course I opted for the polenta with chucky veggie stew that consisted of garbanzo beans and carrots topped with fire roasted polenta and goat cheese. The portion was on the medium side and the balance of flavors from the warm polenta and goat cheese just melted in my mouth and was delightful. The staff was friendly and the waitress told me that the menu had undergone many revolutions like the vegan burgers that were back by popular demand. What’s interesting is that they also have several food trucks that go out to places like the Levitt Shell during concerts to offer participants a healthier option. Apparently the tacos are very popular with one taco featuring bison yet they also maintain veggie versions as well.

For dessert I selected a custard pudding with chia seeds, topped with chopped grilled mango pieces and a mint leaf. The dessert was an interesting combination of sweetness like tapioca pudding and filling because of the chia seeds. For those who are adventurous this is a dessert worth trying even if it’s just a topic to reflect on later with friends.

The build your own pizza features a creative carrot Hawaiian, shrimp scampi and Janson’s temptation with anchovies, potatoes and caramelized onions. This is for sure a fun stop on a Saturday night out with friends or even on a weekday. The prices are a little more than some students would like but you get what you pay for and that’s quality here. However my meal with sweet tea cost $30.00 and that’s not including a tip. Most students would balk at these prices but if you’re in Overton Square prices are higher since you’re also getting a young hip atmosphere.  With that said food can be a lifelong affair and trying new places is part of the adventure and as George Bernard Shaw stated “There is no sincere love than the love of food”. On the scale of Yummy or Crummy I would give them a four out of a five star and that’s more reflecting on the prices than the quality of the food.

There is no sincere love than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw

celeste riley

Guest Blogger

Celeste is a non-traditional student who decided to continue her Undergraduate at Southwest Tennessee Community College while balancing work and home life. She’s currently pursuing an Associates of Science in Teaching K-5th grade with an emphasis in ESL and Minor in Spanish. Celeste loves being involved in student life at Southwest by joining Honor Societies, Study Abroad programs, as well as the Student Newspaper. She started as a reporter, became Deputy Editor and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The Southwest Source.

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