Sable Otey for School Board District 5

Public Speaker | Former Team USA Bobsled | Former Educator | Trainer | Coach & Mentor | Insurance Broker

“ Public Speaker | Former Team USA Bobsled | Former Educator | Trainer | Coach & Mentor | Insurance Broker ”


Sable Otey is a former educator, former USA Bobsledder, and financial coaching leader with a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of students in Memphis. With a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and a Master's degree in Education, Otey has a strong foundation in academic principles and a passion for physical education, which she has taught in Memphis.

Her experience extends beyond the classroom, as she has also demonstrated excellence in athletics, representing her country in bobsledding at the elite level. This unique combination of education and elite sports experience has equipped her with the resilience and leadership skills necessary to advocate effectively for comprehensive education.

As a Senior Vice President at PHP Agency, Inc., and Co-Founder of Triple M Agency, Otey has honed her skills in financial coaching, helping to lead a nationally-recognized firm. This experience in financial management and strategic planning is invaluable in her pursuit of a position on the Memphis-Shelby County Schools school board for District 5.

Otey's vision for the school board revolves around equipping students with the life skills they need to succeed, emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive education that prepares them for the challenges of the future. Her goals include enhancing educational outcomes, supporting teachers, and ensuring that every child has access to the resources they need to thrive.

With her diverse background, Sable Otey is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the Memphis-Shelby County Schools board, advocating for policies that will benefit students, teachers, and the community at large. Her commitment to education, combined with her experience in athletics and financial coaching, makes her a well-rounded candidate ready to contribute to the growth and success of Memphis schools.

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