Bluff City Balloons

We are a Memphis based Hot Air Balloon ride company. We will be offering couples balloon rides, guaranteed to leave you breathless.


Skip Durham - aka "The Skipper" and Toni  Durham- aka "the Crew Chief" met in the summer of 2009. Skip sparked the imagination of Toni when he mentioned that he owned a hot air balloon.  In very short order she fell in love with ballooning, and with his balloon "Shenanigans", and of course with Skip. In 2011 Skip and Toni formed the Durham partnership, and in 2012 the Durham partnership founded Bluff City Balloons, LLC. After many happy memories and with much love, "Shenanigans" was retired in 2015.  Skip and Toni collaborated in the design and manufacture  of "High Jinx"; she arrived in July of 2015.  The Skipper, and his Crew Chief look forward to creating many happy "High Jinx" memories in the years to come.