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28th Annual New Year’s Day Prayer Breakfast

The Lowery’s host the 28th New Year’s Day Prayer Breakfast where elected officials came and spoke on continuing the push for equality in our city and some breaking news was shared from the podium.

by Duy Nguyen

The New Year was brought in bright and early. With plenty of energy and drive for the goals this upcoming year. If you’re a regular of the Lowery New Year’s Breakfast you know what I’m talking about. For me, a first timer and I assume for anyone else that had never attended, to see the city through a lens of unity was a good feeling.

Mayor Strickland, County Mayor Harris, and Congressman Cohen were in attendance just to name a few city officials. Although, Mayor Strickland did leave the party early before his address, for some official business I presume, he made an effort to mingle with what time he could and smiles were shared.

Since it was a prayer breakfast, there were many prayers had from various area church leaders. Everyone’s words were different yet we are all after the same thing and it echo through the speakers in the room. To a better and more just 2019. A year of growth and improvement for everyone in that room, in our city, and to every human on the planet. We all should strive to leave a legacy of a better tomorrow for those that will exist after we have left. It’s our duty to come together and do better for this city.

The Tennessee Mass Choir was pumped to the max as they sang and took over the stage with energy. Song after song of praise and prayer rung out. I found time to set my camera down and grab a plate of breakfast and enjoyed the voices filling up the room. Then came the talks that were given to kick off a year in the right frame of mind.

I’m not one for politics but the city officials that spoke all struck a chord in my thoughts while I tried to look for photo ops. From stories of youth that cross paths with the law in a not so decent fashion were treated unfairly. Simply because the system in place doesn’t treat them as such. Mistakes shouldn’t be allowed to be the definition of an individual yet, once someone stumbles it seems people will turn their backs when in fact they should be putting out a hand to grasp. I think it’s because it’s easier and less demanding for a city to judge a bad apple and throw it away rather than understanding why it is that the apple is bad. The crowd seemed to agree for the better treatment of our youth and Mayor Harris was very realistic in stating that saving some is more than enough.

A couple announcements of running for office and a couple teasers along the same lines were what made the headlines around the city. The purpose of the breakfast it seemed was for fellowship and to exchange a “Happy New Year” to your neighbor and probably talk about what this year had in store for new or familiar faces. It was a group of people who just wanted better. No drama, just facts about the current state of our city and how we were going to move forward together.

Tell justmymemphis about your resolutions. How did last year’s turn out? How many are you going to recycle? How many did you accomplish and grow because of? Share your story!


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