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Making Strides 2018

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, with more than 1 million passionate participants supporting the noncompetitive three-five mile walks each year.


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The Season of Giving is here.

This is the time of year that local organizations get ready for their year-end fundraising efforts and #GivingTuesday. Last year JustMy launched the Season of Giving by helping local non profits with video marketing tools and social support for their campaigns. We are proud to announce that we are doing it again for 2018.

This year it is all free for our #TeamGIVING members. We are opening up our Toolbox of goodies to help you in your year-end fundraising. JustMy is here to help you on your endeavors. The freebies this year are based on your level of membership with #TeamGIVING.

Marketing Support options this year include Custom Facebook Frames, Banners, and Banner Videos. Other options include Co-branded Slide Shows, StoryTeller Campaigns, Event Promos, Content Sharing, Branded Videos, and Seasonal Interactive Ads.

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Event spotlight

Unwind for hope

The event will have wine, delicious food and access to local art for sale. Seventeen local female artists featured at the event including artwork from some of the incredible women served by Hope House. Each artist will be donating a portion of their proceeds back to Hope House and the clients who will be selling artwork are donating 100% of their proceeds to the Hope House Emergency Fund which provides emergency financial assistance for Hope House clients.

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Let’s Build Something Together

JustMy is proud to offer premium media services to our non profit partners. You no longer have to spend your budget on high priced pr firms or ad agencies to get the traffic and media buzz you need #TeamGIVING premium membership gives you quality services at greatly discounted rates!

Full-Service Video Production and Post-Production Services

Videos are a great way to convey emotion and capture an audience. We’ve got the equipment and the skills to make you look good. Whether it’s heart strings or a grin from ear to ear you can trust us to bring amazing to any sized screen.

In Kind Media Sponsorship Option up to $10,000

The only thing we love more than making an amazing video is giving back. We donate our time and resources to giving your organization an opportunity to share your passion. The #FunCrew will come out to your event or outing and capture every moment. That’s all the smiles, laughs, tears, and all the other emojis humans can do IRL. Which will allow us to create media for you to share and look back on.

Marketing & Media Presentations

JustMy is here to help you get what you need. In most cases it’s attention. These days everyone is doing everything, just about all the time. Getting people to stop and take a second is a challenge. There’s a JustMy for that, with some planning and hard work you can have a polished look on any medium.

TeamLOCAL Content Sharing

Sustainability is working together. When non profits have an event or a story that needs to be heard JustMy works with for profits that love sharing local content which means you get more exposure.

Co-Branded Event Hosting

Want to get seen for hosting an event? Don’t want to put together an event? Let JustMy Co-Brand and put you in our events. This way you get seen on the best platform in town and all you had to do was join #TeamGIVING? Is this real life?

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