This is the Shave it or Save it Challenge to help Izzy and Mommy deal with the day to day struggles of fighting cancer!

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital takes great care of the medical side of fighting cancer.  But the challenge of picking up roots and staying in Memphis for months at a time can be very difficult for any family.  This is the life Izzy and Mommy Sonja have to face everyday. Home for Sonja is more than two hours away and divorce has left her a single mom of three. Sonja and families like hers need a community of help. We can’t fix everything for every family, but we can make a start with Izzy and Sonja! This is the Shave it or Save Challenge, make a donation today or have little Izzy come shave your head!

Fill in the form below and make any size donation you would like.  All funds except paypal fees are going to Izzy & Sonja.  You can also request to have your head shaved or have the JustMyMemphis team come out and shoot your video challenge!  Thank you in advance for your support!

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