Roundhouse Revival 3
By Roy Barnes

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Come Out to the Coliseum
Roundhouse Revival is coming to the Mid-South Coliseum for the third time on Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 2-10 p.m. Like our previous events, it will be a FREE community event celebrating the great spirit and brands of the Coliseum, and new possibilities for its future.
Roundhouse Revival 3 will again feature music and wrestling in rings in front of the Coliseum, and also pickup basketball games and robot matches in the middle of Early Maxwell. We’ll have community groups and vendor booths setup along the Coliseum’s signature front porch and water slides and misting tents for fun and cooling. And some of Memphis’ finest food trucks will be lining the far edge of Early Maxwell.
We’re  throwing Roundhouse 3 because he Mid-South Coliseum is a uniquely beloved public building, arguably touching more lives in its existence than any still standing in the region. From its opening in 1964, it has always represented the better angels of our civic nature. It was built by Memphis and Shelby County for equal access by all its citizens, the first public facility designed and built for integration. The citizens of the Mid-South made it theirs, mixing our local talent with the global talent that toured Memphis to create an authenticity that is irreproducible.

Roundhouse Revival celebrates the special connection of the citizens of the Mid-South to a place they built and consecrated with their creativity, intelligence, talent, athleticism, and humor. The Coliseum’s special connection to the people of the Mid-South is unmistakable, and is the bedrock, in our opinion, on which we will build a reopened Mid-South Coliseum.

2015’s Roundhouse Revival 1 helped stopped the bulldozers of demolition by demonstrating the overwhelming public support and community spirit of the Coliseum. Since then, the Coliseum Coalition has continued to hold free public events (Roundhouse 2 and a showing of the wrestling movie, Memphis Heat), appeared in parades and events from Frayser to Soulsville, created a physical assessment of the building, created a business plan for a reopened Mid-South Coliseum and numerous other documents that simultaneously dispelled the old myths about the Coliseum and demonstrated the great building’s viability. Additionally, we have given countless tours of the building to investors, leaders, key citizens, influencers, and media to help tell the real story of the Coliseum — that it is, and has always been, a building of the future. Beautiful, authentic, robust, popular, beloved..

So on Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 2-10pm, let’s return to the Coliseum. Let’s “Open Up the Door!”

Yet, although the Coliseum appears saved from malicious destruction, it also remains reopened. And the path forward towards that goal doesn’t appear clear. So we decided to return with the public to the building for Roundhouse 3. On the eve of the County general elections, and Federal and State primary elections, we’ll once again put the Coliseum at the center of Memphis and Shelby County’s hopes for our best future.
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