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RahLeeCoh J. Ishakarah | Contributor

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APRIL, 2017

My Thoughts


One day, I will be a name, a face, and two sets of numbers – my birth year and my death year. This is not based on some self-absorbed fear, yet the truth that lies ahead.

This also stems from the knowledge that we all play a number of games. Each game has its own set of rules that we choose to abide by, and almost all these games have been played before; yet the rules have been modified. What games have you played?

RahLeeCoh is the new PR Guy for JustMyMemphis.  As the PR Guy he will be promoting local events and helping local organizations to get their positive messages out on social networks.

The game of the player, the game of the innocent, the abuser, the sympathizer, the politician, cynic, philanthropist, entrepreneur, worker and the list goes on.  Within these games there are always winners, losers, and those complacent in between. As a child I wondered if we could all win, what position would I play?

I want to be remembered as the man who lived an artist life – a man who knew what to receive and knew when to give – a man that strengthened himself when he empowered others.

I must and I will create, regardless of what my circumstances are . . .

I had the great fortune of two things, loving parents who disciplined my internal creativity since the age of 5, and I had financial poverty.  These two things are at the center of what drives me. The center of who I am. I had to value all things internal and see material things as unnecessary wants. As I walked down the street, I wanted to share the light I had inside. Could my gifts – my hard work, reconfigure the pain of cold and hungry nights? Could I achieve that thing we call success? Could I give my parents what they gave me in double? How could I return all those values that neighbors had graced upon me? What are my next steps?

After graduating from Memphis College of Art and teaching art three years at the Grad Academy of Memphis, I find myself searching for my truest path. My most recent painting series “Curves and Colors” has been a driving force behind my passion as I address my and others’ emotional state of being through an artistic meditation. This series also carries on the practices from college creations, in which I combined music with art. In the works, brews a comic called “Rap Manifest”. I could probably name like ten other projects that I have planned as well, which brings me to the conclusion that I must and I will create, regardless of what my circumstances are. And as I see into myself, I see that my truest desire is to create; for maybe that’s how I will have known that I lived.

RahLeeCoh J. Ishakarah

RahLeeCoh J. Ishakarah

Artist, Model, PR Guy | JustMyMemphis

RLC art
Memphis TN, 38107
(901) 896-5266

RahLeeCoh J. Ishakarah is the new PR Guy for JustMyMemphis. Look for his Art Sale for March of Dimes coming up in the next few days!

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