Putting In the work

Relationship Panel Discussion

By Ellen Butterflyy


This year on Sunday, November 4 2018, I have the privilege of hosting my second annual relationship panel. The theme this year is: Diva’s Dudes and Denim.

The Purpose: Growth and involvement of both men and women and the participation of healthy relationships. This years topic happens to be: Participating in Protecting your Relationships. We will be discussing all aspects of a relationship, emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual. This concerns people who have chosen to co-mingle and co-pilot their journey together as well as singles who want to gather information to grow their personal and future relationships.

The Plan: In planning this event, we have chosen 6 panelist to share their insight on what contributions are needed to be a healthy protector of relationships. Each panelist is unique; they are asked to participate because of their differences. They will be asked a question and given time to respond and interact with the audience towards the end. Did I mention this is a luncheon? Last year we had a buffet of goodness, this year will be amazing also!

Sometimes we tend to shy away from panel discussions, thinking we got things covered, but be mindful that we can and do learn new things all the time. The diverse personality, age difference, education connects use together more than we know.

Are you interested in the human condition of your relationships? If so, please consider the checks and balance of putting in the work. No, every question and answer will not belong to you, but perhaps a friend can benefit; you remember the principle of paying it forward? In today’s climate of self-neglect there is a growing need for self~care.

How can you participate in protecting your relationship?
Have we stopped Participating in Protecting our Relationships?
Where is your desire to keep your relationships healthy?
What Role does consistency play in your relationship?

This panel discussion is about taking care of yourself and your mate in relationships with emphasis on pride and love. We have six dynamic panelist from within our community, they will respond to the 5 W’s candidly:

1. Who
2. What
3. When
4. Where
5. Why

By joining this informative discussion you will have the opportunity to interact with others who want to know, get involved, and grow in knowledge. Knowledge is said to be the key to understanding. Not to mention the colorful spirit of your host Butterflyy.

We encourage everyone to wear Denim. All tickets are advance purchase with limited seating. Save the Date
November 4, 2018 2-5
$25 per individual Lunch with Libations included.
JustMyMemphis’ own JEROME ROBINSON has graciously joined as one of our dynamic panelists, see you there!
Contact: Ellen “Butterflyy” Allen – 901 425-8532

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