Pink Diva Cupcakery Offers Vegan Cupcakes and Savory Lunch/Dinner Specials


Pink Diva Cupcakery is pleased offer cupcakes prepared without eggs, dairy, or nuts, which appeal to those with common allergies, as well as anyone looking to adopt a more plant-based diet. The business launched on February 11th, 2015, as a co-op within Midtown Crossing Grill. As of August 12th, Pink Diva is now located in a stand-alone brick-and-mortar located at 936 Florida St., the former location of DeJaVu Restaurant.

Memphis’ vegan food scene has come a long way, but there is still a niche to be filled. That is where Pink Diva Cupcakery comes into play. Now that Pink Diva is located in its own stand-alone space, the bakery is branching out beyond just cupcakes by providing a cafeteria-style menu for lunch and dinner. Owner Cassi Conyers’ dream is for Pink Diva Cupcakery to give the Mid-South vegan community, as well as those curious about veganism, a place to come together, nom, and break the stereotype surrounding vegan desserts and food. Cassi’s motto: “Vegan desserts, not just rabbit food anymore!”

While there are other local eateries that offer vegan desserts, Pink Diva Cupcakery is the first all-vegan bakery in Memphis. Pink Diva Cupcakery has provided cupcakes for Imagine Vegan Cafe, Alive Animal Rescue, Co-Motion Studio, Quam Am Monastery, Yelp, The Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County, and The University of Memphis. Pink Diva cupcakes are also sold at the Midtown Cash Saver. Pink Diva Cupcakery has been showcased on Live at 9 and Local Memphis Live.


“You would never know that these sweet treats would be vegan. I love trying everything that she has made, and I will continue to love it and spread the word!” — Brenna Walker

“My family and I just left, and we all agree Cassi makes the best cupcakes ever. I personally loved the snicker doodle, but everyone else’s favorite was the strawberry shortcake. I can’t wait to try more!!!” — Audrey Pigue Taylor

“These cupcakes are amazing — you would never know they are vegan! So all of you skeptics about vegan and vegetarian food, give it a try. You WILL be impressed.” Elizabeth S.