by Justin G Flowers
by Justin G Flowers

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“We demonstrated first, the chemistry as the most effective solution for disinfecting wastewater for the City of Memphis”

“This facility will bring capital investment and new jobs to the city”

-Vice President of Water Treatment Technologies at PeroxyChem

The City of Memphis and PeroxyChem, a partnership designed to improve the city’s contribution to a healthier ecosystem. Who is PeroxyChem? PeroxyChem is a company that specializes in wastewater disinfection. After going through a competitive bidding process, PeroxyChem came out on top as the company best fit to be trusted with the City of Memphis wastewater plants. PeroxyChem is a global leader in peroxygen and adjacent chemistries. Peracetic acid (PAA), a peroxygen compound, is a strong oxidant that attacks and kills pathogenic organisms of concern in wastewater. It also dissolves easily in water and decomposes into non-toxic byproducts.

“We are particularly happy with this because of the great cooperation we’ve had with the City of Memphis … and everybody involved.”

-Bruce Lerner, CEO

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What does this mean for our city? Mayor Strickland says that he does understand that ‘we will be pioneers when it comes to PAA (Peracetic Acid), but it will also make the City of Memphis a model city for environmentalism and wastewater disinfection’. Which mean the success of this new partnership will bring some future benefit as far as putting Memphis back in line to receive some deserved attention across the country. Also, the CEO and Vice President, Bruce Lerner and Alberto Garibi, both were excited about building a 15 million dollar plant here in the city that will not only improve Memphis’ environment but also bring jobs to our beloved city! To learn more about PeroxyChem and their peroxygen technologies, visit their website at

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