Does My Personality Type Change?

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Does my personality type change?

David’s interest in cooking sparked while preparing healthy meals for his grandmother, Dory, who was diabetic. He got his start at a restaurant in Tampa, FL when he was just a teen. He poured water for guests and eventually worked his way up to dishwasher, then prep cook, and so on.  Click to Read >>

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County Edge Task Force: Economic Developement?

To that extent, MRYE believes a focus on career ready education, public transit, quality of life and small business development are the priorities to drive local economic growth. Click to Read >>

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HouseTaRaunt Restaurant – A  Unique Dining Experience

What is a HouseTaRaunt you may ask? Just ask the person planning and implementing this unique place, Shukriyyah Aquil. This local herbalist has combined the art of natural healing with the food we consume to increase our overall health and wellness. Click to Read >>

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Dad, I’m Okay – Afraid of Judgement

“When you flew two thousand miles to retrieve me from juvenile detention, you were worried that this was the start of the end. That some integral part of me had been knocked askew–that next it would be drugs, or older men, or stripping. And I don’t blame you.” Click to Read >>

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The StompDown – Youth Impact

The StompDown’s overall objective is to empower the youth. We believe that next year we will give more out scholarships to students in the City of Memphis. This feature is being brought to you by the Krewe Of DeJavu! Click to Read >>

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HouseTaRaunt Restaurant

  HouseTaRaunt Restaurant A Unique Dining Experience This article is being brought to you by The Memphis Urban League, Follow Us in the Countdown to 75!   What is a HouseTaRaunt you may ask? There is no better person to ask then the person planning and implementing a...

Dad, I’m Okay

  Dad, i'm okay afraid of judgement By /u/dad_i_am_okay of Reddit Click To Get Your #TeamGIVING Benefits Today   Dad, I’m sorry. All I said was, “It’s actually not that bad here.” It was a very tinny telephone, so maybe you didn’t quite understand: all I meant was...

cityCURRENT is a privately-funded catalyst for the Mid-South and Middle Tennessee. A team of more than 100 partner companies have come together to host FREE events, along with an array of positive-oriented media and philanthropic initiatives to enrich, engage and impact the community. Our mission is to #PowertheGOOD and we invite you to join with us.

givingback central

Hope House Gives an Abundance of Love, Hope, and Support

hope house gives an abundance of love, hope, and support By Lenox Warren This article is being brought to you by cityCURRENT, Get Involved & Power the GOOD!The Mission Hope House’s mission is to improve the quality of life for HIV-affected individuals and their...

SRVS outing brings out the fun in Crosstown Concourse

  srvs outing brings out the fun  in crosstown concourse By Alden Zuck Duncan-Williams, Inc. spotlights:  Neighborhood Christian Centers The Mission at SRVS     To provide the services that people with disabilities need to live meaningful lives as members of their...

Impressions On The Heart – Turning Pain Into Purpose

impressions on the heart turning pain into purpose By Chelsea Lyles-Jackson This article is being brought to you by Safari Lawn Care, Click to Get a Quote from the Best!My name is Chelsea Lyles-Jackson I'm 26, I'm a wife, mom etc. I work full time from home now. I...

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Music Lineup – Evolve Bank & Trust Cooper Young Festival 2018!

  music lineup evolve bank & trust cooper young festival This article is being brought to you by HomeTown Home Services, Is it time for a Home Improvement?   Join us Saturday, September 15 for a day of music at the biggest party of the summer.  September 15 is the...

11the Annual Forrest Spence 5k – August 25th

11th annual forrest spence 5k 8.25.18 - 8am -Memphis botanic garden Forrest Spence Fund This article is being brought to you by cityCURRENT, Get Involved & Power the GOOD! See first hand the impact you make when you run! Abby Cooley - Abby had a NICU baby and the...

Inside the Blues Hall of Fame // A City Treasure

  Inside the Blues hall of fame a city treasure By Jerome Robinson Duncan-Williams, Inc. spotlights:  Neighborhood Christian Centers   Sherry May and I were working on a story for the Live at the Garden Concert Series when Sherry asked me if I had any interest in the...