Introducing Memphis Reviews with Matthew Brewer. Matt is taking to the streets to find the best places to eat in the city. Follow his column for the good, the bad, and the ugly of Memphis dining!

Matthew Brewer is a resident of Cordova, Tennessee, and has lived in the Mid-south since 2002. He attended Marshall University, and graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts, from West Liberty State College. He received his Masters of Elementary Education from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He is currently finishing his Doctorate with Andersonville School.

He is a teacher with Memphis City Schools where he has been since 2005. He is Director of Music Ministries for a local Cordova Church, and in his spare time he enjoys writing, surfing the web, fine dining, hanging out with family and friends, going to the movies, working out at the gym, composing music, and hosting dinner parties. Writing has been his passion since 1989 when he won the Young Writers Contest, and then again in 1999 when he won the Research Writing Award from West Liberty State College. If you have a story you would like for him to do, or something you would like reviewed, email him at

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