By Jerome Robinson and Samuel Cicci We kick off a new feature for JustMyMemphis today called Inside the Kitchen!  The first episode takes us to Napa Cafe.  We caught up with the lunch shift.  Chef Mike Schwarz, Jeremy Hardeman, and Dylan Conrad.  So let me set this up for you!  The staff had no idea that we were coming.  We walk in at lunch and just start taking pictures, well we did ask the owners of course!  What happened next was pretty crazy . . .

Inside the Kitchen: Episode 001

So I took like 84 images while I was there for lunch.  Every plate was perfect!  Chef Mike Schwarz is one of the coolest chefs you will meet.  The guy can really cook and he is an amazing motivator for the staff and the kitchen support team.  Even when someone made a mistake, Chef Mike took this as a teaching opportunity.  His kitchen ran flawlessly as a result of his leadership style.  Jeremy Hardeman kept the dishes flowing out of the kitchen with amazing grace considering it is like 100 degrees outside and Jeremy is standing over a grill and going in and out of a hot convection oven.  Reading the tickets, letting everyone know what is needed, and managing when food should go up looked easy for Jeremy.

I can’t leave out the new guy on the team, Dylan Conrad.  Dylan was cranking out salads and desserts with style.  Even when 6 salads came at him at once, he made it look very easy.  This is no small statement, you have to remember that every plate is a work of art at Napa Cafe.  So cranking out 6 salads is like painting 6 masterpieces at once and them all coming out flawless!

Napa Cafe Digital Menu & Magazine

Digital Menu

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