Grind Time for SCS

Jerome Robinson | Contributor


AUGUST, 2017



Kids are back in school and at Dunbar Elementary, it was an amazing first day of school!

SCS volunteers along with the Grizzline, the Memphis Grizz Girls, and the Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas were present to tip-off the new school year and greet students as they arrived at school. Superintendent Dorsey Hopson welcomed students and teachers back to school. Here at JustMyMemphis, this got us to thinking. How can we as a city make this a great year for our kids?


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What can you do to make this a better school year?  Get involved!  Parents make it a point to know what is going on at your school.  Meet the teachers, meet the staff, ask what you can do to help the school.  Your support can be as simple as volunteering!  Be there, be seen, be a role model for your kid and others kids.  Go on field trips, buy supplies for the classroom, make it a point to have a role in your kids education.

SCS Mission: Our promise is that by 2025: 80 percent of our students will be college- or career-ready; 90 percent of seniors will graduate high school on time; and 100 percent of graduates will enroll in a post-secondary experience. Learn more about our ambitious goals and priorities for students.

Business owners, Community leaders, and Political leaders can get involved in a big way.  Look for events to sponsor, schools to sponsor, and opportunities to be present at our local schools.  There are always career days and other special occasions where you can serve as a speaker or a volunteer.  #PoweredbyCommunity should stand behind the education of our future. “A society grows when its members plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

There are so many negative things hitting our kids today.  From political unrest to the fears of an uncertain future, today’s youth have far more to deal with than any generation before them.  There was a time when you were concerned about things like homework.  Kids today have to be concerned with things their safety, will they have food when they get home, where are their parents, will I have to join a gang?  Young people have the internet, they can see all of the negative news about our city.  This year, let make it a point to do better by the kids of our city.  Let’s get involved and create a #BeAmazing school year for the young people of Shelby County!

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