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Takes on Memphis

By Alden Zuck

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Explore Bike Share currently has 4 new bike stations that have just opened up in Orange Mound. These bikes are very easy to use and include unique features unlike any other public bike system; they have numbers on the seat post to that you can remember you seat hight and set it to that number every time, there is a basket in the front for all your carrying needs, a rack on the back to attach certain bags to the bike, a solor panel on the back so that there are always lights on when riding, and a computer programmed screen on the front so that you can log in and unlock the bike and keep track of your miles, calories burned, and more. Explore Bike share is also projecting a plan to put turn-by-turn directions on the screen, you will also be able to save your routes and look at your friends’ routes if you want to join in on their rides.

Inside look in bcycle

How To Get Started

Step 1: Download BCycle in the App store

Step 2: Click on your closest location

Step 3: Click on the bike symbol on the bottom

Step 4: Click on Join BCycle

Step 5: When signing up, you can select a plan of a single ride for $5.00, a weekly plan for $12.00, a monthly plan for $15.00, or an annual plan for $120.00

Step 6: Once you are all signed up, click the bike symbol again to log in to your account.  Then pick the bike you want to ride and select the bike screen to get the number. Type that number in your phone to unlock the bike and off you go! Simply remove the bike lock and put it in your front basket.

Your neighbor told us to share this with you . . .

So your yard looks like crap


I mean really, hire someone to cut it already. Make sure they trim the edges, and for god's sake clean your flower beds. I am sorry there's more. You could live with a little fertilizer. Not done! So gutters around your house could use some attention too!

PS: I called Yards Plus

Here's their number if you need it 901-518-2614

We take care of Memphis Lawns!

Serving Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett, Cordova, Collierville, North MS, and more . . .

Juice Orange Mound

Juice is one of the official partners for Orange Mound and they have created a new and unique option for current residents: if you join the street assembly within Juice, then you get a free 6 month membership with BCycle! You can inbox them to get connected.

Every two weeks there are coordinated rides, go to Juice Facebook page to learn about the upcoming ride and go out and join them!

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