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November , 2017


Living Life Deliberately: Mindfulness Meditation in Daily Life


November 13, 2017
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


Church Health
1350 Concourse Avenue Suite 142
Memphis, TN 38104 United States


Church Health

Imagine yourself eighty-five years old and looking back on your life. Your great grandchild asks you, “What were the most important things in your life?” How would you answer?

Most of us know what really matters to us, yet if we stop and look at our day-to-day lives, we notice that we spend an enormous amount of time – perhaps the majority of our time – focused on distractions: Anxiety, worry, and anger. Also, we sweat the small stuff. The driver who cut us off in traffic. The argument we had three days ago with my husband/wife/mother/son/boss.

Presented by Rob Dove, head of Rhodes College Counseling, this class will focus on how we can practice meditation in ways that foster our ability to live deliberately, to spend our days, and our lives, paying attention to what really matters.

Class is in Church Health’s Meditation Chapel, located on the first floor of Crosstown Concourse between the Central and West Atria. Please contact Jane Slatery at slateryj@churchhealth.org with any questions.

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