BeAmazing: Converse With Yourself!

May 19, 2016 | Headlines

By: Tamika Tranell Heard – Owner of Meekies Munchies

We must make a concentrated effort to align our minds and our thinking with where we want to be. If we don’t speak to ourselves, something or someone else will.

There’s a battle going on on the inside of you, there are two parts of you battling to be a consistent part of your everyday life. The two wolves that live on the inside of you are fear and faith. The one that you feed is the one that will win.

Fear will have you going to war for your limitations. Fear carries doubt. Faith allows you to expand the limits in your life. Faith reminds you of the battles that you’ve won and the victories that you’ve already experienced. We have to wake up motivating and encouraging ourselves. We won’t always have others to get us over that hump so we MUST learn to do it for ourselves. No, it’s not easy BUT it’s worth it!

When you have a conversation with yourself that allows you to start connecting with what’s possible for your life, your mindset begins to shift. You get a strength that wasn’t there before. We must take that me time when we fill ourselves up with faith, hope and belief. We must tap into that greatness, that excellence that lives on the inside of us.

Sometimes you have to make yourself have a motivational conversation with yourself. That conversation is needed to empower your mind. By empowering our minds, we prepare ourselves for our day. By empowering our minds, we prepare ourselves for the future.  If you truly want to take your life to another level, you have to have a daily conversation with yourself.

 Something to Munch On: Before you check your emails, your text, your social media, check in with yourself. Before anything contaminates your thoughts, empower your thoughts. Fear is trying to keep you in an isolated position but you cannot allow fear in.

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