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Introducing myself, we can start with my name being Conner. It is my mom’s maiden name. I’m 42, and I was born and raised in Memphis. For the last 18 years of my life, I traveled all over the US, coast to coast, corner to corner. All I can say is, there is no place like home.

My start to art began way before I can remember. Just like any other great artist, my first canvas was the walls in my childhood home. My bedroom, the hallway, anyplace I saw that needed improvement, I put my crayons to work. I remember the days back in elementary school. The teacher would try to educate me and all I wanted to do was draw. My first art was always planes and trucks. I was good at drawing jets at many angles of the flight. My mom knew I had a gift and enrolled me in art lessons. They took place on Saturday mornings at a place called Arts East. There I learned depth, shadows, shading, highlights, and eye perspective. As I got older onto middle school, it was drawing on the desk tops and book covers. I was good at drawing album covers like Metallica and Megadeth, and of course was still drawing planes. Then I progressed to a Salvador Dali style. The strange, eye-teasing art that has the artist’s thoughts out of his head onto paper and the viewer either understands it or has their own take on it. Art is always up to the eye of the beholder.

As far as my start in clocks go, it started during a long drive after I saw a picture on the web of a clock that was different from a normal grandfather clock. I said to myself, I can make that but it will be very different from any clock out there. So that long drive, I planned out all that was needed to build. Each cut, how the wood was going to bend, the height, the size, it was all mapped out and created in my thoughts. My beginning with wood was building ramps. I made a handful in my teenage years and gradually moved up to building a large half pipe in my back yard. That was the beginning of having wood bend and curve. Around the same period in high school, I took wood shop. Of course, that comes with bong making and paddle making, really just a class to pass time. I did learn and kept with me the art or process of sanding and staining wood. I made a few projects, nothing big or fancy, but I did enjoy the painting and finishing process of wood. So with all that, I knew I could build clocks and furniture like no other, and wanted to hear from people how the heck can that be.



I can say I’m grateful for having a gift that gives me the ability to see or create a vision in my head, and use my hands to make it come out to life. Whether it’s on paper, canvas, or constructing art with wood.

This latest clock is a Memphis themed clock. This one has been a challenge, with more wood work involved. I love the city I was raised in. Memphis has great culture, music, and heritage, just a city with a bright soul. I wanted to put in as much of Memphis that is on the map as what makes the city Memphis. From Graceland to the pyramid, of course, the bridge, and all in between.

As far as my goals for the clock, I have a few ideas. I could have a sponsor donate money for the cost of the build, and donate the clock to St. Jude, or any of the Memphis visitor’s centers or the airport. Perhaps FedEx would like to put it in the lobby of one of their buildings or Graceland may like to have in one of the gift shops or lobby. I’m not sure, but it speaks Memphis and should be out for the people of Memphis to see. Any thoughts or ideas from the people would be helpful.




twisted time creations

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