Concert Spotlight: Jill Scott

Concert Spotlight: Jill Scott

Jill Scott in Southaven on (07/30)‏

3x Grammy award-winning artist, Jill Scott, will be bringing her soulful show to the Lander’s Center on Saturday (7/30). Jill will be performing songs from her Billboard number-one charting album, Woman, which includes the hit single “Fools Gold”.

Get ready for the “What’s Happening Myron” Myron Mays interview with Jill Scott

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Who is Jill Scott?

She is an artist with an abiding, deep commitment to lyrical honesty and musical integrity. Simply put, if Jill Scott feels it, she writes and sings it. While vivid imageries, metaphor analogies are her stock in trade, there’s no pretense, no hiding. She’s upfront, in-your-face always real, using her own distinctive poetry to breathe life into words, digging inside to bring forth the accompanying emotion. It is that authenticity that has endeared Jill Scott to everyday music buyers who hear what she’s saying through her music and respond according. Folks who know the rough and tumble of life, love right, love wrong, passion misspent, passion fulfilled, lonely nights and empty days and everything in between declare, ‘Yeah, girl!,’ ‘Go ‘head on!’ and ‘I feel ya’.

Rolling Stone praised WOMAN proclaiming that Jill “has never sounded as authoritative as she does on her fifth album” and US Weekly proclaiming it as “spirit-enriching” music. Jill has described the sound of her recent album as “classic Philly soul meets country rhythm served with captivated storytelling.” You don’t want to miss this soul-inspiring performance!

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