Believe, accomplish, inspire

by Justin Flowers

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Winning With Sickle Cell ​has become so much more than originally planned. This amazes me because this is only the beginning. Barely started, everything has already grown to accomplish great things that were not initially included in the plan. I say this because I want to encourage you all. As you all read through this article, and other articles that are published by ​Winning With Sickle Cell​, I want it to inspire you to go after whatever it is that you set your mind to. My goal is to ignite this burning desire you have deep within your soul to take charge of your life. I want to motivate my audience and supporters to make the greatest positive impact on the world as possible.

My main focus is of course helping other Sickle Cell Consumers grow and take control of this disease, but all content can be and will apply to anyone reading and/or watching. I said all of this because I want you all to understand something. I want you all to understand that Winning With Sickle Cell was, at first, just an idea.

This idea did not even have a name until it’s purpose was drawn out. Which brings me to my point. We all have ideas. Potentially multi million dollar ideas at that. Sickle Cell Consumers in particular I have come to notice and some of the brightest minds out there. Now I just need you all to ​Believe ​in your ideas, ​Accomplish what is needed to take that idea and make into something you can be proud of, and ​Inspire others.

You will always be your biggest supporter.

Believe. ​You will never be able to sell your idea to others if you do not completely believe in it yourself. Simple as that. I am a firm believer in needing to have a team of people who believe in you enough to back your endeavors. You cannot go out and put this team together, though, if you’re skeptical of your ideas. Now true, you may not know everything you need to know about how to make sure you’re successful. Some of the great ideas that you thought you had might not be so great after all. There isn’t anything wrong with that. That is where your team comes into play. Just know where you’re trying to go, and get there. Do expect some roadblocks on the way. Just know where you are trying to go. Remember there’s always more than one way to get somewhere. You will always be your biggest fan/supporter. Therefore you need to believe in yourself!

Accomplish. ​At this point you have fully convinced yourself that your idea is worth pursuing. You’ve also put together a nice team to work with and convinced them as well that your idea will make a great positive contribution to your lives. Now there is a major need to set goals! This is important because it will keep you and your team focused on the tasks ahead of you all. More times than you’d think, great ideas usually evolve into things you never would’ve seen coming. They take a life of their own and flourish. In order for that to happen, plans need to be executed with precision! In the beginning, honestly time is not your friend. Our lives can get bombarded with so many things that we can lose focus on what is important. So make sure your plan includes clear cut expectations and deadlines to keep everything on track. In the end you’ll accomplish greatness!

Inspire. ​Once you’ve made your idea into something beautiful, inspire others to do the same. Give back to the community and those who support your work. Remind them and show them that they too can make amazing things happen. That’s my goal with ​Winning With Sickle Cell. ​I want every person living with Sickle Cell, affected by it, supporters of the cause, and even those who are just peeking into Sickle Cell to know that they can accomplish wonderful things in their lives. No matter what they may dealing with in life. Even though this is a national platform, I am aware that ​Winning With Sickle Cell ​will not be able to touch everyone alone. So I want to encourage everyone to inspire at least 3 people to be amazing influencers with their communities.

Never sell yourself short.

In conclusion, we are all blessed with our own unique gifts. I want you all to remember that there is always room for positive, upbuilding forces in this world. So never sell yourself short. Always believe in yourself, accomplish your goals, and look for ways to inspire others.

Go to my website​ and share with our community the great things you’ve been able to accomplish. Then too share with us how you have been able inspire others to be amazing. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!

This article is being brought to you by the Wendy Thompson Lending Team!

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