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Irene Ford | Contributor

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I am passionate about a few things but one thing that I would like to share with our communities is an elementary school that is on the rise in Memphis. I am very passionate about education, parent workshops that consist of training the parents to help their kids, and literacy.

My daughters have attended this school for many years and I must say they have grown academically and socially because their are some teachers that care and love teaching from the administrative side, professional counselor, clue teachers, before/aftercare program teachers/aides, support teachers, and homeroom teachers. Let me tell you a little about the school and why I look forward to a great year.

These students made a pledge to be against bullying. Have you taken the UCAN of Memphis pledge?

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At Willow Oaks Optional Elementary School, the teachers and staff are working to cultivate college and career ready minds. The art students won top honors in local and national competitions, including Habitat for Humanity. They offer language immersion opportunities and cultural celebrations to support our diverse population. The chorus students perform in school-wide productions, All-City, and All-State Chorus. Willow Oaks partners with Dixon Gardens who offers our students Innovative experiences with Dixon artists, printmaking classes, and art camps. Students create and publish multimedia presentations using iMovie for the school website and social media as well as compete in local and state Science Fairs.

Willow Oaks Optional: Enriched Academics with a focus on the Arts and Technology

Irene Ford’s daughters pictured.

Willow Oaks Optional Elementary School is located at 4417 Willow Rd, Memphis, TN 38117. Willow Oaks Optional Elementary School has a new Principal Dr. Angela Nichols. Check the school out online today. Click here for the school website.

Some of the extracurricular activities that they have are listed below:

  • Beta Club
  • Book Club
  • Drama Club
  • Technology Club
  • Community Service Projects
  • Chess
  • Ballet
  • Girls in Pearls
  • Male Mentoring Program
  • Print Making
  • Scripts Spelling Bee
  • St. Jude Walk/Run
  • Strings
  • Student Ambassadors
Irene Ford

Irene Ford

Publicist | Supporter of all that is good in Memphis

I am very passionate about education, parent workshops that consist of training the parents to help their kids, and literacy

At Willow Oaks the teachers work hard to stay current with cutting-edge best practices. They have seven National Board Certified teachers and seventy-five percent of the teachers hold advanced degrees. Also, the teachers have received numerous grants to help support funding at our school. My daughters love Willow Oaks Optional Elementary School and because of these things listed above, I want to invite other parents out to the upcoming Open House on Tuesday, January 10th at 8am-1pm to experience such an awesome school.

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